• Why gLOVE Treat Means Relief for Dry Hands and Feet

    Why gLOVE Treat Means Relief for Dry Hands and Feet
    Your hands and feet act as contact points between you and the rest of the world. They are some the most sophisticated sensors and transmit tons of knowledge from each step you take to everything you touch. So, with so much of your life depending upon your hands and feet, why should you have to live with their skin being dry? Dry skin is...
  • gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial

    gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial
    Jen in Chicago, was looking for a great way to moisturize her dry hands after a long, cold Midwest winter.  Hands and skin dry out quickly in the cold, leaving our hands screaming for some TLC. After a quick google search of what she could use at home instead of going to the spa, she found gLOVE Treat on the 2016 O List for...
  • gLOVE treat named Decadent Steal by FABlife

    gLOVE treat named Decadent Steal by FABlife
    The FABLife crew discovered how great gLOVE Treat is and recently featured it's FABulousness on a "Decadent Steals under $50" segment.  The ladies of FABlife agree that paraffin wax treatments are a splurge at salons, but gLOVE Treat's paraffin treatment that can be used four times at-home is revolutionizing this hand & foot treatment.  Simply microwave the gloves to warm the wax, when the...
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