• gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial

    gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial
    Jen in Chicago, was looking for a great way to moisturize her dry hands after a long, cold Midwest winter.  Hands and skin dry out quickly in the cold, leaving our hands screaming for some TLC. After a quick google search of what she could use at home instead of going to the spa, she found gLOVE Treat on the 2016 O List for...
  • gLOVE Treat Makes a Great Gift

    gLOVE Treat Makes a Great Gift
    Mother's Day has passed, but there are always occasions that require a great gift. Put gLOVE Treat on top of your list! gLOVE Treat treatments make amazing hostess gifts, bridal shower gifts, bridesmaid gifts or birthday gifts for your girlfriends or mom. Giving the gift of a relaxing, luxurious at-home spa treatment will be loved by everyone. But you don’t have to take our...
  • gLOVE Treat: How We Got Started

    gLOVE Treat: How We Got Started
    Anyone who's been to the spa and gotten a paraffin wax treatment can attest to how relaxing and soothing it is. The paraffin wax adds moisture and the heat can help ease achy joints and muscles. Not to mention the 10 – 15 minutes you have to just relax. But as it turns out, state health boards think the communal wax pots are a...
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