• gLOVE Treat: How We Got Started

    gLOVE Treat: How We Got Started
    Anyone who's been to the spa and gotten a paraffin wax treatment can attest to how relaxing and soothing it is. The paraffin wax adds moisture and the heat can help ease achy joints and muscles. Not to mention the 10 – 15 minutes you have to just relax. But as it turns out, state health boards think the communal wax pots are a...
  • The Great and Powerful Coconut Oil and gLOVE Treat

    I began research a few years ago on the formulation of gLOVE Treat’s enhanced paraffin wax treatment.   To find a perfect partner to pair with the paraffin wax was a challenge.  I was not only looking for something to help the paraffin have a quick melt time but an oil that would aid and heal our skin by soothing and changing our skins structure. ...
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