Youth Beauty Hot Paraffin Hand Mask

$ 29.95

Soothe and Smooth for Youths!

YOUTH Glove Sizing:  Fits most youth hands from 5 yrs. and up.

 Hands - Length 8-inch Width 4.5-inch

Have a Mommy and Me self-care day with your children and this youth size glove! A super hydrating intensive-care treatment that can soothe and smooth even the most youthful hands.   Paraffin self-care is great for all ages, enjoy a spa day with those you love!

Have a meltdown: The warmth of Parasilk will relax muscles, relieve stiffness, and soften the skin. Leaving your hands looking and feeling happy and healthy. 

Formulated and patented with a proprietary blend of pure paraffin waxes, organic virgin coconut oil, argan oil, marula oil and vitamin e    

  • deep heat relief
  • 4 treatments in every pair

Cool tech: built in heat sensor    

Every glove is outfitted with a heart-shaped thermochromatic heat indicator.  The heart will turn red when the product is thoroughly heated and begin to darken when ready to use.  Inside every box is a travel pouch for safe storage. 

Heat: For 2 minutes. Quick and Easy.

Treat: Relax for 10 minutes.  You deserve it! 

Repeat: Zip closed after use and treat as needed.

Ingredients: Fully Refined paraffin wax, refined coconut oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, marula oil, argan oil, vitamin e.  

Our pure paraffin is free from toxins such as dyes, sulfates, and parabens.

Made in USA. Female Founded

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