Mist Professional Steamer

$ 150

Prepare perfectly heated Parasilk products like a pro in minutes with this portable steamer for spa, salon, and mobile in-home use.

Designed for spa, salon, clinical, therapy and mobile in-home treatments.
  • No mess, no fuss, space-saving, sanitary, and energy efficient
  • Perfect and portable for professional or mobile in-home use
  • Heats gLOVE Treat® paraffin wax therapy treatments to perfection just minutes
  • Quickly creates hot steamed towels to give additional warmth during treatment and to dry excess oils after treatment
  • Infuse the air with your favorite scent by adding essential oils

Includes: 1 Mist Steamer
    • The Parasilk® Mist Professional steamer evenly heats the gLOVE Treat® and Parasilk® family of products to perfection in minutes with its beautifully streamlined, spa and salon quality design in an ultra-portable, no mess, no fuss, sanitary and energy efficient package.

      Comes with three parts: Base Unit, Steam Disperser Tray, Container.

    • 1.Fill the bottom base unit with cold water to no more than the “MAX” marker line.

      2. If you choose to scent the water you may use your Parasilk® Hydrate Oils. Any other essential oils could damage the base unit and must not be used. Use 5 to 7 drops placed directly into the base unit of water.

      3. Place your Parasilk® products in the container and heat one at a time. Products heat in as quick as 2 minutes. You can roll up your Parasilk® Wrap towels and fill your container (with towels placed in container vertically once rolled) A full container of Parasilk® Wraps may take 10 minutes or more to completely heat. If you need more time simply add by pressing the + button.

      4. gLOVE Treat® with Parasilk® paraffin products have a red thermo-safety indicator. Heat these one at a time for approximately 2 minutes. Your product is ready to remove once the indicator on your product has turned red and the product is liquefied, carefully remove from basket with tongs or mitt. When steaming always have the safety indicator facing upward so you may see the color change. Remove from heat and allow the indicator to move back to its dark color. Once the heart has changed back to dark the product is ready for use.

      5. Parasilk® Wraps should heat in 2-4 minutes when heated individually.

      6. Ensure that your Parasilk® Mist Professional steamer is on a hard level surface and is well ventilated.

      7. Press the set button in 5 minute increments by pressing + or – button.

      8. Press the ON button and your Parasilk® Mist Professional steamer will begin to steam the Parasilk® product. Make sure your lid is closed.

      9. Once the end of the set timer has been reached the unit will switch to keep warm mode until the timer is reset.

      10. The front water level will tell you when to add more water. Simply pour extra water into the side handles of the steam dispenser tray to add more water. You can also add Parasilk® Hydrate Essential Oils through this external spout.

      11. The container is dishwasher safe. We recommend wiping the base unit with a damp towel at the end of every day. This is the only part of your Parasilk® Mist Professional steamer that is dishwasher safe.

      12. Once per week we recommend filling the base unit with hot water, adding lemon slices and leave overnight with the unit turned OFF. The acid in the lemon will break down any build up or residue.


    • BPA-free container

      Capacity: Nine treatment towels or 4 pairs of gLOVE Treat treatments (ensure perfect heat distribution by rearranging treatments after a minute or so)

      Size: 11" x 11" countertop footprint

      Weight: 5 lbs

      Do not submerge the base unit in water

      Built for safety, featuring precise digital settings, automatic shut off, a front water level, external water spout, a snug-fitting hinged towel container, super-stable balance and footing

      Easy-to-clean and sanitize with antibacterial cleaner, cloth and/or spray

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