Parasilk CBD

+ Quick heat to deliver therapeutic relief

+ Doctor recommended, super hydrating intensive care treatment for dry, cracked hands and feet. This multitasker will hydrate, moisturize, retexturize, soothe, protect and rejuvenate tired, dry and cracked skin. Used by medical professionals, it can also be therapeutic and restorative: relaxing muscles, relieving stiffness, aiding in circulation.

+ No fuss glove & boot treatment

We wanted to challenge the status quo of traditional paraffin wax treatments that take hours to heat, have a challenging and messy application and in many cases are deemed unsanitary. Parasilk’s® hot foot mask heats in minutes, is completely self-contained, hygienic, and easy to use.

+ Natural all the way with antioxidant, vitamin-rich ingredients

Found in nature and perfected in the lab: we’ve formulated and patented the purest paraffin wax, infused with organic extra virgin coconut oil, full spectrum hemp oil and vitamin e. This perfect blend of oils and heat enhance skin permeability, allowing for better absorption of antioxidants which aid and benefit skin as well as deliver fast relief.

Parasilk CBD

+ Doctor recommended deep heat therapy – relief from sore muscles, stiff joints, aches, strains and sprains

Parasilk®‘s Recovery Foot Therapy Heated Boot Treatment is recommended and used by medical professionals worldwide to relieve and soothe sore muscles, stiff joints, spasms and pain. Our patented formula and application give quick symptomatic pain relief associated with arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint conditions. More convenient and sterile than traditional paraffin treatments, our boots heat in minutes, are completely self-contained, hygienic, and easy to use

+ Elite athletes depend on us - increases circulation and mobility; speeds up muscle recovery

Optimize to your pre- and post-workout regimen: including heat therapy as part of your warmup increases blood flow, muscle flexibility, loosens stiff joints, and relieves muscle aches and pains. Use Parasilk®’s Recovery Foot Therapy Heated Boot Treatment after exercise, in the post-inflammation phase, to increase circulation, flush lactic acid and metabolic waste from tissue, speeding up muscle recovery time.