Glove Treat

gLOVE Treat® Mitts with Parasilk® Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands

$ 32.95


The Relief Your Hands Demand

Be soft. Relief has arrived. Whether you’re suffering from chronic hand pain or looking for an MVP to catch up on your sports recovery regimen, we’ll get you started each day in an ultra comfy-cozy way.

Ideal for contractures, trigger fingers, wide, long or curved fingers, large knuckles, bent hands or fingers, pre- and post-exercise sports recovery.

Includes: 1 pair, reusable up to 4 times
    • Are you living with a contracture deformity or finger stiffness? Do you have tired, bent or curved fingers from working with your hands all day? Are you a dental hygienist? A postal worker? A grocery clerk?  A massage therapist? A professional athlete? Or are you simply retired and enjoying life? It doesn’t matter who you are...muscle and joint pain in your hands can be frustrating, but you are are not alone. You Are Loved

      Relief for your hands, down to every knuckle and joint, is as important to us as it is to you. Welcome to the comforting world of self-care, where Luxury Meets Therapy™.

      gLOVE Treat Mitts with Parasilk paraffin wax therapy treatment quickly rejuvenate and soothe sore hand muscles and joints by bringing warmth while hydrating and moisturizing dry or rough skin, for a therapeutic and restorative treatment used to relieve pain and stiffness in your hands.

      More convenient, affordable and sterile than traditional paraffin treatments, our Parasilk formula of organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, lavender oil, vitamin E and a secret blend of goodness for soft, moisturized skin not only smells wonderful, it is packed full of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) with antioxidant capabilities.


      Heated paraffin wax is useful for symptomatic relief of pain caused by arthritis, bursitis & chronic joint inflammation. It relieves stiffness and muscle spasms and relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation and for other conditions where heat is indicated. Also for use prior to physical therapy and exercise and to increase range of motion.

      What’s left on your skin is the silky goodness, a moisturizing blend of organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, known for its medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) and antioxidant capabilities, and a secret blend of lavender oil, vitamin E and other goodness for your skin to drink up with a post-treatment massage.


      1. The purest, food-grade paraffin wax
      2. Organic cold-pressed extra virgin Coconut Oil
      3. Lavender Oil
      4. Vitamin E
      5. Plus a secret blend of goodness
  • The microwave heating method has been tested thousands of times in various microwaves but every microwave is different and your results may be inconsistent. For best results, we recommend using the Parasilk® Mist Steamer.


    1. Set aside detached soft straps.
    2. Wrap a single, unfolded and unopened mitt in a damp paper towel.
    3. Heat for 60 seconds in the microwave with the tray and mitt constantly turning.
    4. Flip and repeat until the thermochromic heart is activated to red.
    5. Remove mitt from microwave by the opening to prevent spilling. Massage gently to evenly distribute melted liquid.
    6. The mitt is ready to apply when the thermochromic heart begins to darken.


    1. Keeping the mitt opening pointed up, tear open at dotted line.
    2. Insert hand into the mitt with your hand pointed down. Do not raise your hand.
    3. Fasten opening with the soft strap while your hand remains pointed down.
    4. Wrap the hand and mitt with a towel and treat for at least 10 minutes.
    5. Carefully remove mitt and massage oils into the hand and up the arm. Allow oils to absorb into the skin. Pat dry with a towel.
    6. Press air out of treatment, seal, fold and place back in bag.


    1. Date and repeat weekly or more, if needed.
    2. Opened mitts should be used within a month. Unopened mitts have a shelf life of up to two years.
    3. Store in a clean, dry environment in the sealed bag. Do not refrigerate.

    CAUTION: Soft straps must not be heated. To avoid spilling, do not tip the opening or raise the hand while treating. Monitor your microwave closely while heating. Do not overheat.

  • Heat. Treat. Repeat.™ Heat for 2 minutes. Treat for 10 minutes. Repeat up to 4 times with the same pair -- that’s 4x the pampering for the price of one.

    All natural, gluten-free ingredients. No parabens, sulfates or faux fragrances.

    Cruelty-free, not tested on animals.

    Proudly Made in the USA. Born in State Forty-Eight (that’s AZ where it’s a dry heat).

    You’ve made a conscious decision to treat yourself and we think that is divine. From Parasilk to you, You Are Loved

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