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Article: The Great and Powerful Coconut Oil and gLOVE Treat

The Great and Powerful Coconut Oil and gLOVE Treat

I began research a few years ago on the formulation of gLOVE Treat’s enhanced paraffin wax treatment.   To find a perfect partner to pair with the paraffin wax was a challenge.  I was not only looking for something to help the paraffin have a quick melt time but an oil that would aid and heal our skin by soothing and changing our skins structure.  I wanted to become a Wizard and turn back the clock on our hands and feet.  This is when I met The Great and Powerful.

It is said that Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil on earth; this is a huge and remarkable statement so you may want to ask why. What makes coconut oil different from other oils and what makes it so amazing?  Researchhas shown that Coconut Oil can aid in all sorts of health conditions from improving digestion, reducing inflammation, supporting tissue health and repair, to aid in gall bladder disease, heart disease, kidney function, Crohn’s disease and liver disease, just naming a few!  The amount of research recently studied with Coconut Oil is so diverse that it spans to illnesses as large as Auto Immune diseases and Aids research.  The data from a great amount of studies are extremely positive, Coconut Oil does aid in healing, sometimes being the sole product to completely cure a condition and having great miraculous qualities that help in some way improve our health.

One reason for this is that Coconut Oil is a Medium Chain Fatty Acid when most other oils are Long Chain Fatty Acids.  According to Naturopathic Physician and author of “The Coconut Miracle”, 98% to 100% of the oils we consume, either plant oil or animal oil, are all Long Chain Fatty Acids.  The molecular size of the fatty acid makes a difference in how it is absorbed in the body.  The size of the fatty acid is extremely important as our bodies respond and metabolize each differently.  Studies show that Medium Chain is absorbed quickly and therefore does not circulate through the bloodstream to the degree the Long chin Fatty Acids do.  Medium Chain Acids therefore, produce energy and not body fat or arterial plague.  The absorption rate is what is one of the greatest benefits of the oil that works as an antioxidant in our body, making Coconut Oil amazing and unique oil.

I have recently been interested in watching Dr Oz’s discussions on the Powers of Coconut oil.  He gives additional insight to his viewers on the benefits of coconut oil on the skin.  An antioxidant changing free radicals, an effective emollient soothing small wounds and dry skin.  The oil is an excellent nourisher delivering energy so our skin may heal and maintain and an Anti-Microbial /Antiseptic helping to clean up various skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Once working with Coconut Oil I noticed the amazing changes on my own skin.  My hands and feet were more youthful within weeks and my feet did not have the dry skin I struggled with around my heels.  There was a noticeable change to the texture of my hands, which have always shown my age quicker than any other part of my body.   One final discovery, I was incredibly aware that using Paraffin’s warmth as a catalyst drove the benefits of Coconut Oil deeper into my own skin making the treatment longer lasting. I really did feel like a Wizard!  The benefits to gLOVE Treat are strongly dependent on “The Great and Powerful” Coconut Oil and its unique medium chain fatty acid. You can go to Oz and he will tell you himself or read my blog and learn from a newly educated wizard;)!

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