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Dry Cracked Heels

Every other month, do a foot spot peel or recovery heel peel – our unique products allow you to target only the areas you want to.   Once a week, treat your feet right with the Foot Mask.  And don’t forget the Heel Stick - my go-to solution for dry cracked heels is this lightweight easy-to-apply balm.   Use it in the morning and before bed – your heels will feel smooth and silky.

XO Deanna

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Parasilk reusable paraffin wax bootsBeauty Hot Paraffin Foot Mask
Parasilk foot spot peel to smooth and exfoliate dry cracked heelsParasilk Foot Spot Peel
Foot Spot Peel Sale price$ 24.95
Parasilk recovery heel peel for cracked, dry heelsSooth Cracked Dry Heels with our Recovery Peel
Parasilk Recovery Heel Peel Sale price$ 24.95
Parasilk Dry, Cracked Heel Repair Parasilk Beauty Heel Repair
Parasilk lavender dry, cracked heel repairHow to use our Parasilk Cracked Heel Repair
Parasilk coconut smoother hydration cremeCoconut Smoother Hydration Créme
Parasilk CocoSmooth PeppermintBeauty Coconut Smoother