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One of the most alluring aspects of visiting a spa is the comfortable and soothing atmosphere it provides, yet another place exists that is unmatched in that restful feeling. This place, unsurprisingly, is your own home, complete with snacks, couches, television, and a reduced price tag.

While it would be amazing to have a home spa with steaming mud baths, professional masseurs, aromatic saunas, and so more, but sadly this just isn’t feasible. There are ways, however, to get spa-like treatment within your own home without that full service spa.

With gLOVE Treat you can easily pamHome spa paraffin wax treatment gLOVE Treatper your hands and feet to top quality treatment with no help, all in the comfort of your home. This reusable paraffin wax treatment allows you to help your dry and cracked hands or feet immediately without having to book an appointment or pay for all the other amenities of a spa. When you need convenient yet luxurious relief from dry skin, gLOVE Treat is right there for you.

The soothingly aromatic paraffin wax, coconut oil, and lavender treatment can help relieve arthritic pain and revitalize skin in ways that regular lotion just cannot. The warm wax relaxes your skin and opens your pores so that the coconut oil’s antioxidant capabilities work at peak efficiency. gLOVE Treat can be used by anyone from the most severely dry skin to skin that just needs a bit of love and affection.

It obviously would not be realistic to install your own complete spa at home, nor would it work to go to the spa any time you need intense dry skin relief. gLOVE Treat is an answer to both of these problems with its comforting and casual process combined with extraordinary results.