Eucalyptus Spa Fragrant Infusion for Parasilk Gloves, Mitts & Boots

$ 25

Parasilk Fragrant Infusions are designed to give you a truly personalized experience. These aroma rich infusions will allow you to add a unique fragrance to your paraffin treatments and boost your Parasilking experience. Soothe or Invigorate with fragrance – You choose!  

Eucalyptus Spa Infusion– This fragrance is made to invigorate while taking you back to a luxurious day at the spa. A revitalizing scent with soft notes of Cedarwood and Orange.

Our unique fragrances are created to deliver an aroma directly into your Parasilk paraffin treatments before you begin treating.  After your treatment rub the scented oils into your skin for a lasting fragrance throughout the day.

Customize your next-level-experience with 5-10 drops of your fragrant infusion directly into Parasilk Paraffin Treatments.  

Layer Infusions by choosing your favorite vitamin infusion and fragrant infusion. Add 7 drops of each (vitamin and fragrant) directly into your Parasilk Paraffin Treatment. Massage 1-3 drops of vitamin infusion directly onto your skin before placing into your treatment for an additional boost.  

Maintain You can add a small drop of fragrant infusion directly onto your skin daily, in addition to your parasilking, and enjoy the scent throughout your day.

As a cosmetologist I loved personalizing my clients experience in the salon.  Customized formulations create unique signature experiences. I am excited to bring you this signature approach as part of your parasilking self-care ritual. Enjoy soothing your senses and smoothing your skin.    Xo, Deanna Montrose

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40-B, Fragrance        

15ml           Made in USA           Female Founded.

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