Beauty Spot Peel

$ 25

Parasilk® Spot Peel

Parasilk® Spot Peel is designed to remove dead skin from the places that need it and not the places that don’t. Why peel the top of your feet when your heels are the issue!  You still get the satisfaction of shedding layers of skin without the need to hide your feet while doing so. The unique peel formula is mild yet fully attacks hard dry skin leaving feet soft and smooth.
• Mild formula may reduce the burning feeling you may have had with other foot peels
• Powerful enough to tackle the hardest of skin on heels

• (2) Peel Treatment gel packs
• (2) Plastic socks
• Applicator swab

• Soak feet in warm water for 15 minutes prior to using gel.
• Apply peel gel by squeezing directly onto treatment area and use swab applicator to spread evenly.
• Place feet in plastic socks and treat for 1 hour. For very dry or thick skin add an additional 20 minutes.
• When time is up, remove plastic sock, wash feet gently with soap and pat dry.
• Soak you feet daily in water to activate peeling process or a daily shower will aid to activate.
• Dry skin will begin to peel between 3 and 7 days after application.  Use a cloth post bath or shower to assist in shedding the dead skin.

BEST PRACTICE: If you have extremely hard skin use a gLOVE Treat Parasilk paraffin warm paraffin wax treatment before applying the Spot Peel.  This will soften the skin and allow the peel to penetrate deeper.  Do a second warm paraffin wax treatment the next day to speed up the exfoliation process.  

INGREDIENTS: • Water• Glycerol• Alcohol• Mandelic Acid• Glycolic Acid• Citrus Acid• Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate (salts)• Lactic Acid• Milk Extract• Melaleuca Alternifolia Extra (Tea Tree Oil)• Aloe Vera Extract• Zinc Hydrolyzed Collage• Hydrogenated Castor Oil• Triethanoamine• Lavendula Angustifolia Extract• Flavour

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