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Parasilk Products

At Parasilk®, we believe when it comes to how you look and feel, Best is Better™.  Sore, overworked hands and feet, along with dry cracked skin, can be troublesome. These are the issues Parasilk products help to solve. Our heated Paraffin Glove and Boot Treatments are created and patented to provide a simpler more therapeutic alternative to traditional paraffin wax systems. Each treatment heats in a microwave in minutes with 4 uses in every pair. The warm paraffin in Parasilk is unlike others, infused with vitamin-rich antioxidant oils that bring deep moisturizing benefits with soothing relief.   Our newer additions of heel balms, heel peels, and cuticle care are equally unique-to-market systems that will tackle all of your rough, dry conditions. Believe in the health and beauty of your hands and feet by taking care of them with Parasilk!


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Parasilk lavender dry, cracked heel repairHow to use our Parasilk Cracked Heel Repair
Parasilk recovery heel peel for cracked, dry heelsSooth Cracked Dry Heels with our Recovery Peel
Parasilk Recovery Heel Peel Sale price$ 24.95
Parasilk berry seed cuticle serumBerry Seed Cuticle Serum
Berry Seed Cuticle Serum Sale price$ 29.95
Parasilk heated paraffin wax glove treatment and hand therapyParasilk Paraffin Hand Recovery Treatment
Parasilk heated paraffin wax boot treatment and foot therapyParasilk Paraffin foot treatment
Double Butter Cuticle CreamParasilk Cuticle Cream
Double Butter Cuticle Cream Sale price$ 19.95
Parasilk CocoSmooth PeppermintBeauty Coconut Smoother
Parasilk spiced woods fragrant infusionSpiced Wood Paraffin Wax Infusion
Parasilk eucalyptus spa fragrant infusionEucalyptus Paraffin Wax Fragrance
Parasilk creamy vanilla fragrant infusionCreamy Vanilla Fragrant Infusion for Parasilk Gloves, Mitts & Boots
Parasilk clementine fragrant infusionClementine Fragrant Infusion for Parasilk Gloves, Mitts & Boots
Parasilk rehydration infusionVitamin REHYDRATION Infusion for use with Parasilk Gloves
Parasilk reparative infusionParasilk Vitamin REPARATIVE Infusion
Parasilk recovery infusionParasilk Vitamin RECOVERY Infusion
Parasilk clementine moisture and repairBeauty Parasilk® Clementine Total Body Moisture and Repair
Parasilk Dry, Cracked Heel Repair Parasilk Beauty Heel Repair
Parasilk reusable paraffin wax glovesBeauty Hot Paraffin Hand Mask
Parasilk reusable paraffin wax bootsBeauty Hot Paraffin Foot Mask
Parasilk foot spot peel to smooth and exfoliate dry cracked heelsParasilk Foot Spot Peel
Foot Spot Peel Sale price$ 24.95
Parasilk coconut smoother hydration cremeCoconut Smoother Hydration Créme