Beauty Hot Paraffin Hand Mask

$ 29.95

+ doctor recommended, super hydrating intensive care treatment for dry, cracked hands

This multitasker will hydrate, moisturize, retexturize, soothe,
protect and rejuvenate tired, dry and cracked hands. Used by
medical professionals, it can also be therapeutic and restorative:
relaxing muscles, relieving stiffness, aiding in circulation.


+ no fuss hand treatment

We wanted to challenge the status quo of traditional paraffin wax
treatments that take hours to heat, have a challenging and messy
application and in many cases are deemed unsanitary. Parasilk’s® hot
hand mask heats in minutes, is completely self-contained, hygienic,
and easy to use.

+ natural all the way with antioxidant, vitamin-rich ingredients

Found in nature and perfected in the lab: we’ve formulated and
patented the purest paraffin wax, infused with organic extra virgin
coconut oil, argan oil, marula oil and vitamin e.

Ingredients: Fully refined paraffin wax, refined coconut oil, organic extra virgin
coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, argan oil and
marula oil.

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