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NEW! gLOVE Treat® Soybean Formula Parasilk® Paraffin Wax Treatments

Luxury Meets Hydration

Our customers have told us time and again that one of the key benefits of a gLOVE Treat® with Parasilk® paraffin wax therapy treatment is how soft their skin feels after the treatment.  It got us to thinking.  Can we build a better moisturizing formula that will last longer?  After hours of testing in our laboratory, we finally came up with the NEW Soybean Parasilk® paraffin wax formula.  This unique formula uses our original Parasilk® formula but with added soybean and marula oils. These oils create a superior moisture barrier on your skin that drives hydration deep through the layers of the skin.  This leaves your hands and feet softer and smoother for longer than before.  Try it today and see just how soft your skin can feel.