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Hello, love. Are you ready for a part of your regular beauty routine you can actually enjoy for a change? Why not one that will make your skin noticeably softer and younger looking in just a few minutes? Not only do our Parasilk® gLOVE® Treat gloves, boots, and mitts feel great, they also have numerous restorative benefits. Our unique formula of pure paraffin wax, organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, lavender oil and vitamin E softens, moisturizes and nourishes dry and cracked skin like no other. As a natural emollient, our Paraffin blend will work to create moisture in your skin long after your treatment is over, meaning you’ll get the most out of it with regular use.

Have better looking skin that will feel better too. Each glove and boot is filled with enough paraffin wax so that you can re-use each pair up to 4 times. Treat yourself to an experience that will soothe and restore the look and feel of your skin all at once. By adding this to your weekly beauty routine, you will get a full month’s supply in just one package. Want each package delivered to your door each month? Find out more about our subscription plan.