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Athletes will do whatever it takes to keep their body at the top of its game. Stretching, meal plans, daily workouts, all to keep your skills sharp, and your body sharper. What about your hands and feet? With all of this intense training, it can be easy to neglect these parts of your body. You may not realize the beating that an athleteā€™s hands and feet can take during their rigorous training sessions. Take a break and soothe your aching muscles with Parasilkā€™s gLOVEĀ® TreatĀ® gloves, boots, or mitts.

The secret is Parasilkā€™s warm therapeutic formula. The heat helps increase blood flow which will bring oxygen and nutrients naturally to the tired, sore, or injured areas. Our treatment will also flush out leftover metabolic waste like lactic acid that are keeping you from being loose and ready for action.

Donā€™t suffer from dry, achy or cracked hands and feet, make our all natural gLOVEĀ® Treat treatment part of your recovery routine. When using this treatment regularly, youā€™ll notice prolonged relief of still or sore muscles and joints, an increased range of motion and increased circulation. Give your hands and feet what they crave, add ParasilkĀ® in your routine with our monthly subscription package. Ā