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benefits of coconut oil on skin gLOVE TreatPain and soreness in the hands and feet is a common ailment for many of Americans. But the pain is often mild enough that many tend to simply ‘deal with it’, not wanting to make a doctor’s appointment or spend a lot of money at the spa. We often find people with hand and feet pain are:

  • Sports enthusiasts, including runners, baseball players, skiers and golfers - who have pain in their hands and feet.
  • Office Personnel. Sitting at a computer all day typing can cause muscle and joint stiffness in the hands and wrists.
  • Weekend Yard Warriors. Cutting the lawn, digging in the garden, pruning bushes and shrubs all take a toll on your hands and feet.

With just one gLOVE Treat treatment a week, these individuals can gain relief from their pain, and can nourish dry cracked skin on their hands and feet. Since the treatment can be done in the privacy of one’s home, there is no stigma attached. Simple paraffin wax and coconut oil treatments with gLOVE Treat can really sooth and relieve conditions that Americans face today – whatever their activity.