4 Reasons Athletes Should Add Parasilk® to Their Routine

As an athlete, you always take care of your body from head to toe by eating right, exercising regularly and staying in good health. These are all great ways to keep your body in peak physical condition for your sport, but what about the parts of your body you don’t think about as often? Many athletes don’t realize that their quest to be the best at what they do, can often lead to their hands and feet taking quite a beating. Day to day wear and tear can quickly lead to dry and cracked skin which can be painful and even detrimental to your performance. On top of that, sports injuries can often lead to the development of ailments such as of arthritis which, if untreated, will cause long term damage to your joints. It is important to take care of your hands and feet just as you would the rest of your body, and here is how Parasilk® can help.

Loosen Up Before Tough Workouts

It will be hard to grip that golf club, swing that tennis racket, or lace up those running shoes if your hands and feet are dried and cracked. With Parasilk®, your hands and feet won’t only look better, they will feel better too. Our product is proven to stimulate circulation which helps to reduce inflammation. In addition, the combination of Parasilk’s® soothing heat and essential oils will relax your muscles so you’re are loose and ready to go when the time comes. Ditch the pre-workout and try a gLove treatment from Parasilk instead, It only takes 10 minutes! Our gLOVE treat’s® self contained glove, boot and mitt design is so convenient, it even allows for quick treatment on the go.

Restore and Recover

If you’re an athlete, you’re no stranger to stiffness after a strenuous workout. Sore muscles are natural after prolonged physical activity. This is in part due to the buildup of metabolic waste tissue such as lactic acid in your muscles. This buildup of lactic acid can be mitigated by stretching before and after workouts, and sore muscles can also be treated and soothed with heat. This is where Parasilk® comes in. (Wait, didn’t I use Parasilk® before my workout? Which is it, before or after?) The answer is both! By trapping heat near the skin, Parasilk’s® warm therapeutic formula helps to increase blood flow which will bring oxygen and nutrients naturally to the injured area. In addition, this treatment will also help to flush out any pesky leftover metabolic waste that was created during sporting events, intense training, or as a result of injury. This makes it a perfect way to nurse sore achy muscles back to health after a long workout.

Keep Your Skin Healthy All Year Round

Athletes know, there is no such thing as “off-season”. If you want to be a master in your sport, you will need a year round training regimine to keep your skills sharp and your body fit. Unfortunately, year round includes winter, and winter means dry, cracked, skin that can flake and itch. These symptoms, while annoying at first, can lead to your skin feeling tight, bleeding, and worst of all, make using your hands painful. As an athlete, you don’t want anything to slow you down. This is where Parasilk® will become a vital part of your routine. Our paraffin wax formula is known to moisturize and treat cracked, damaged skin, while soothing your hands and feet with its infused virgin coconut, lavender, and essential oils. Adding Parasilk® to your routine will keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and ready for action in even the toughest conditions.

Long Term Benefits

If you’re a serious athlete, you will want to keep your body running in tip top condition. This includes your hands and feet.  Dry or cracked achy skin will keep your from performing your best, that is why a regular paraffin treatment with Parasilk® is important. Keeping your muscles relaxed with heat will provide you with an increased range of motion. With loose muscles, you will be less likely to injure yourself when exercising. Beyond that, Parasilk® is known to relieve symptomatic pains associated with arthritic and chronic joint inflammation that may be caused or irritated by sports injuries.

Don’t let your body suffer from sore, achy hands and feet. Gain the competitive edge you need by starting your treatments from Parasilk® today. Parasilk® is known to stimulate blood flow to reduce inflammation, increase your range of motion, and decrease the buildup of metabolic waste tissue to soothe and treat sore muscles. Our Parasilk® treatments are one size fits all and are made with an all natural blend of pure, food-grade paraffin wax, organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, lavender oil, and vitamin E, and is registered with the FDA. Give your body the treatment it deserves, get started with Parasilk® today.