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We prepared this no mess, no fuss infographic to help guide you through the steps to a perfect no mess, no fuss at home wax treatment.  

Design details of our gLOVE Treat® glove, mitt, and boot. 

  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with our trade secret Parasilk® ingredients, a blend of Medical Grade Paraffin Waxes, Virgin Coconut oil and essential oils.
  • New zipper system in gLOVE Treat® delivery systems allows for an even more convenient multiple use treatment when heating in the microwave.
  • Soft plush inner liner eliminates mess and keeps warmth in for up to 10 minutes while giving a therapeutic and deep moisturizing treatment.
  • Our Hook and Loop system closes around your ankle and wrist to keep your warm paraffin enclosed around your hands and feet.
  • Our Thermo Indicator in a heart shape lets you know when the product is safe to use.
  • The gLOVE Treat® glove, mitt and boot delivery systems are reusable up to 4 treatments.

The therapeutic benefits of Parasilk® paraffin wax treatments

  • Brings warmth to help increase blood flow and relax stiff joints and sore muscles.
  • Increases circulation which helps flush toxins. Great for post sports recovery.
  • Hydrating and skin softening elements aid in dry cuticles callused heels and cracked skin, giving hands and feet a more youthful appearance.

ABOUT gLOVE Treat® with parasilk® paraffin RETAIL PRODUCTS

gLOVE Treat® with Parasilk® paraffin are products of Paraffin International Inc., the company that is redefining the future of paraffin wax treatments with Parasilk® paraffin was, products, and delivery systems for spa, medical and sports professionals, and direct to consumer at home spa treatments. We have three unique delivery systems that eliminate the need for a paraffin wax pot.

Have a question or need further instructions?

email us at service@gLOVEtreat.com or call 800-414-7115 (MST) 9-5pm Monday - Friday.

3 unique delivery systems no paraffin pot necessary by gLOVE Treat with Parasilk Paraffin Wax