Why Paraffin?

paraffin wax gLOVE Treat

It does not matter whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, dry hands and feet are always a possibility. For dry skin ranging from regular use to medical conditions like eczema, relying solely on lotion or oils for care just simply won’t cut it.

A combination of factors working in concert is needed to truly relieve troubled dry skin areas both right away and in the long run. While expensive lotions might be what people first think of, the best remedies include using the soothing power of heated paraffin wax.

When your hands or feet are submerged and coated in perfectly heated paraffin wax, blood circulation to the skin’s surface increases greatly while pores are opened and more accepting of lotion. This is the two-fold process that makes gLOVE Treat such an effective method for treating both the symptoms and causes of dry skin while also relieving aches and pains in your joints.

Dynamic Moisturizing Process

Simply applying lotion to dry skin has little effect since pores in that area are damaged and unresponsive to treatment. gLOVE Teat’s heated paraffin wax works to heal and open these pores so that the product’s coconut oil penetrates much more gently and deeper than with regular application. The heated paraffin also works to keep moisture trapped in your underlying skin layers, thus creating a fully moisturized spectrum of skin that feels soft instantly.

The second benefit of gLOVE Treat’s heated paraffin is the increased circulation to your skin. While the coconut oil’s antioxidant nature treats the symptoms of dry skin, improved circulation means the causes of dry skin are addressed, leaving you moisturized far better and for longer than other treatment options.

Going to the spa is great, but it is a treat instead of regular practice. With gLOVE Treat you can get spa quality treatment at home whenever you want.