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Article: gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial

gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial

gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial

Jen in Chicago, was looking for a great way to moisturize her dry hands after a long, cold Midwest winter.  Hands and skin dry out quickly in the cold, leaving our hands screaming for some TLC. After a quick google search of what she could use at home instead of going to the spa, she found gLOVE Treat on the 2016 O List for Wellness

When her product arrived Jen popped the gloves in the microwave to melt the wax. The easy to read indicator let her know that it was to hot to place her hands inside so she waited until the heart turned black letting her know it was safe for her use.  After getting both gloves on it was time for her to sit back, relax and let the paraffin wax, coconut and other oils get to work. 

Jen was surprised that upon removal most of the now white hardened wax stayed in the gloves and just a bit slipped out with her hand. The easy to follow directions said to rub the oils still on your hands in giving yourself a quick hand massage.

Jen raved about the wonderful smell gLOVE Treat has and said her hands felt so great after the paraffin treatment. She liked gLOVE Treat so much she thought of all the other people in her life that might also enjoy a hand treatment as well and thought she'd order one for her sister and mom. Visit and experience the paraffin wax benefits for yourself today.

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Jen:  I'm Jen from Chicago. I'm here to do a product review on gLOVE Treat. It's been a long Chicago winter and my hands could really use some TLC. I don't really want to go to the salon. I don't have enough time for that. I did a little Google search and I found my good friend Oprah, who I do not really know, recommended this product. It's on her favorites' list, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Let's take a look, I got it just the other day and it's called gLOVE Treat. I really like the box. I like the gLOVE logo with the love. I think that's really cute. The back has the handy directions, and there are some safety tips that it came with.

Let's open it up. This is the box again. Here are the directions, there's only five. Here's the look at my hands, and I'll go ahead and open this. "Tips for a Perfect Treatment." These are the gloves and there's some clips for the next time. I'm just going to put the first one in the microwave. When I have them on, we'll take another hook.

I had microwaved it for a minute‑and‑a‑half. I have a little red circle, so I'm actually going to wait until it says "Red, too hot." We're going to wait until that turns grey again. It actually says on the "Tips for a Perfect Treatment," that it should be milky and soft. We'll just give that a couple of seconds. Well, we're micro waving the other glove at the same time anyway.

This one looks like it's ready. I'm going to go ahead and cut this one too and try it on. That was really easy. Let's see if I can do the other one. Wrong way.

My gLOVE Treat is on and I'm going to go sit down for about 15 minutes and let them relax. I only had a little trouble getting on the second one with the Velcro. I had no trouble getting it on but I did have a little trouble getting the Velcro strapped. Other than that these feel wonderful. Time to relax.

It's been seven‑and‑a‑half minutes so far and I can definitely feel that they're getting a lot hotter, but they're still not entirely hardened. I must say this is extremely relaxing. I am definitely enjoying this.

All right. It's been 15 minutes and I'm going to take off my gloves. Oh, wow. I actually thought that the white would come off and it totally did not. Just a little bit but not much. Just going to put that in again. It said, to just massage into your hands. This is nice. It smells so good. Can you smell that? [laughs] I wish you could. It's lavender and coconut oil. I love it, so nice.

I rubbed them all out. I just think that my hands look really nice. They're super soft and they smell wonderful. Overall, I was really pleased with the gLOVE Treats. I am looking forward to using them again next Tuesday. It was a perfect use of 15 minutes of my day.

I can use it three more times. It's a total of four‑time use. Just says to clip it and that's it. I'll do it to the other one and I'll put it away for next week. I think, this is a great gift for myself. I think, I'm going to get it for my sister and my mom because Mother Day is coming up. Thanks a lot.

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