We can be hard on our hands. They are in motion all day and any soreness and stiffness can have a huge impact on your life.  Whether you have stiff aching joints from typing all day, rough and sore fingers from working in the garage or garden, or pain and stiffness from a chronic condition, a warm paraffin wax treatment may benefit you.

Pain Relief

Paraffin wax can help with the aches and pains. One study published by the Arthritis Health Professions Association reported that individuals who soaked their hands in paraffin wax experienced immediate pain relief following the treatment.

Improved Skin Elasticity

A good paraffin wax soak can improve skin in many ways, even for those with conditions such as scleroderma, or hardening of the skin. A study conducted by Sandqvist, Akesson, and Eklund(2004) found those who soaked in paraffin had softer, more elastic skin than those who did not. 

Improved Stiffness

Along with improved elasticity, paraffin can improve stiffness of the joints.  The heat used in warm paraffin soaks can help soothe muscles and improve blood flow making joints and hands feel more relaxed. This can help you get back to enjoying the activities you loved before sore hands got in the way.


Paraffin is wax, which hardens when cool.  When this wax is removed from the skin it takes with it dead skin and dirt leaving the hands smoother.  Who doesn't love soft, smooth skin?


Paraffin is also an emollient, which means it helps make skin soft. The heated wax also helps trap in moisture by opening pores, leaving hands feeling softer, smoother, and better than ever.

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