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Article: 8 Facts About Cracked Heels You May Not Have Known

Dry Cracked Heels

8 Facts About Cracked Heels You May Not Have Known

Getting Your Cracked Heels Ready for Sandal Season

Hello, my dears!  As summer approaches, it is fast becoming sandal weather!  But before we can don those sparkly flip flops, we have to make sure our feet are ready for their big debut.  And cracked heels are no way to show off those pretty red toenails.


Symptoms and Signs

1. If you have cracked heels, you will know it. They will be visibly dry, painful, and the fine lines or fissures can actually turn into cracks.

Callus Causes

High Heels Causing Cracked Heels
2. Were you aware that high heels exert around 15 times more pressure than the pressure from an elephant's foot? If your feet ever hurt after spending your workday in high heels, consider that little fact!

3. They can sometimes be the accumulation of the daily 'abuse' we put our poor tootsies through. We certainly intend to take care of our feet (file them smooth, moisturize them daily, pamper and love them) but most of the time that just gets pushed aside.

4. Exposure to extremely varying temperatures can definitely create those cracks, especially in the winter when the outside is brutally cold from Mother Nature and the inside is warm and toasty from the heater. Think about your most delicate sweater...if you were to wash it in cold water and then toss it into a dryer on high heat, it will suffer damage same as your skin.

5. There are even certain types of medical conditions that can lead to cracked heels and other foot problems, such as diabetes or obesity. This is usually the result of the nerve and blood vessel damage that correspond with the conditions.

Reasonable Remedies

6. Tender Loving Care! Regular care will help prevent cracked heels in the first place.

7. If you can catch the dryness before it turns into cracks, you are still ahead of the game. When your heels first become uncomfortable, try to avoid extremely hot baths/showers and start moisturizing with weekly treatments.

8. Sometimes it does progress before we realize what has happened. Now it is time to break out the heavy-duty solutions. Wash them gently with warm soapy water and then slip them into a pair of gLOVE Treat boots and treat your feet for at least 10 minutes. Repeat at least weekly and within a couple of treatments, your feet will be thanking you.

Now that you know how to take care of your feet, I think it's time to go shopping for new sandals. Happy shopping, Loves!

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